Embed a pdf of your Vitae into your Web page from Drive

Improve appreciation of and access to your vitae by embedding a pdf or ppt from Google Drive. Looking to embed a powerpoint (PPT) or PDF document viewer [...]

Improve Usability for your Libguides Profile

Improve usability of your Profile Box in LibGuides by linking outside the box. The standard implementation of the LibGuides profile box asks you to supply [...]

Improve Usability for Tabs in LibGuides

Improve usability of tabs in LibGuides by changing the background of the active tab to match the background of the tab's content div. The standard [...]

Better Usability w/ Resource Icons in LibGuides

Improve usability by creating customized LibGuides Resource Icons which link to item-specific additional resources. In Steve Krug's oft-cited book on [...]

Make ‘Login to LibApps’ hyperlink into a button

Use this jQuery in your LibGuides Custom JSS/CSS window to add the Bootstrap class of "btn" to the "Login to LibApps" link at the bottom of your LibGuides [...]