Make ‘Login to LibApps’ hyperlink into a button

Use this jQuery in your LibGuides Custom JSS/CSS window to add the Bootstrap class of “btn” to the “Login to LibApps” link at the bottom of your LibGuides pages.

Many of our librarians complained that the “Login to LibApps” button at the bottom of the LibGuides pages was difficult to find. Luckily, using a little jQuery (the jQuery Javascript framework is built-in to LibGuides) we can quickly add the Bootstrap (also built in) class for button styling (“btn” and btn-primary”) to a link to change its appearance to a button.

<script type="text/javascript">

     $("#s-lib-footer-login-link a").addClass("btn btn-primary");


* Be careful when working in the Custom CSS/JS windows. Certain syntax errors can cause the Blue Screen of Death and lock up your guide!

The standard Bootstrap button classes can be found on the Bootstrap website.

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