Embed a pdf of your Vitae into your Web page from Drive

Improve appreciation of and access to your vitae by embedding a pdf or ppt from Google Drive. Looking to embed a powerpoint (PPT) or PDF document viewer into a webpage, like so? No worries! Google's API makes this rather easy to do. The code is generally: Download (via Google Docs) Make sure to replace the "0A2yL45PIYoxTE2uLORNZZjRuSE0" bit [...]

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How I think about culture and technology

In my job as Emerging Technologies Librarian, I get to think a lot about two things: culture and technology. For some (technological determinists), technology [...]

Set all LibGuides hyperlinks to open in a new window

Use this jQuery in your LibGuides Custom JSS/CSS window to add the target attribute of "_blank" to all anchor elements inside LibGuides' page content boxes which do not [...]